Private Piano and Vocal Instruction.

Broadway, Classical, R&B Gospel, and Opera Techniques


. During the school year I offer on the weekends, the summer I offer Wednesday & Thursday 4 PM - 8 PM, Saturday  8 AM - 4 PM.


Vocal coaching schedules are made each month to accommodate each student. All coaching sessions are held at my home.

Vocal Coaching Fees.

-Initial evaluation voice lesson 1 1/2 hours $120.


-After the initial evaluation, and if the student would study with me, the fee is $40 per hour with a  max of 2 hours per day for weekly coaching.


- If a student cancels a coaching session for any reason it must be made up the following week for consistent training.


All payments are made in cash!! 


For more information please email:


Subject line  "Vocal Coaching

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